Is your company losing electrical safety, technical and project management experience?

Are your new employees having trouble getting up to speed on safety, power quality,
& electrical issues?

     Jay Wicks of Black Marble Electrical Solutions has practical field experience in the areas of electrical safety, grounding, power quality and electrical project management. He worked in the power generation industry for over 32 years and is now sharing his experience through instruction and consulting to all industries that are experiencing knowledge loss due to the increase of retirements in the technical workforce.

     BMES is able to train personnel at all levels - from operators & apprentice technicians to marketing staff & management. Jay fully engages his classrooms with his enthusiasm and common sense style of instruction, using humor and real-life experiences to teach complicated subjects. 

Electrical Safety
Power Quality
Electrical Project Management
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Lightning Protection & Safety
Consulting services are available for electrical maintenance program review,  power quality investigations and electrical project management coaching.
Fundamental Electrical Theory and System Concepts
Electrical Maintenance Program Assessments