Common Sense Electrical Consulting
Project Management

New engineers and technical project managers must learn how to manage  projects with constant attention to safety and technical detail.  Many industries have lost valuable technical experience resulting from aging workforce issues. 

With companies increasingly impacted by the loss of experienced technical project managers, it has become a major challenge for industries worldwide. 

BMES assists in the process of coaching engineers and/or technicians throughout all phases of electrical projects large and small, from start to finish. This is done by training the less experienced technical project managers on how to facilitate the project while learning the skills that will carry through the rest of his or her career.
Power Quality

Many older commercial and industrial facilities' electrical system were not designed for the power quality required for modern electronic equipment.  BMES works with facility managers and technicians to analyze their facilities for power quality issues.  At the same time, they receive instruction on how to do future assessments on their own.
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Lightning Safety Program Development & Facility Protection Assessment

Are your people educated on lightning safety?  If your company has personnel that work outside during storm seasons, BMES develops safety programs specifically for your employees.
There are no guarantees with lightning protection.  However proper wiring, grounding, and the application of surge protection devices can minimize damage from lightning events.  BMES works with facility management teams to assess their facilities and identify potential problem areas regarding facility lightning protection.