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Some comments from customers & class reviews....

"Superb- knows the technical side.  Presents well to maintenance type." - Arizona Public Service technician

"Instructor was very knowledgeable; material was presented well."
- Manufacturing plant technician in Tucson

"He learned who the audience was and adjusted the material accordingly." - Manufacturing plant technician in Tucson

The Electrical Safety class presented by Jay Wicks on January 13th in Mesa AZ was one of the best safety classes that I have ever attended. In talking with Jay, we found that he researched the material provided because he cares about our safety and the knowledge that we took back with us. The training material provided is a great tool that is easy to use and Jay's approach on reviewing the training material and allowing the student to understand how to use the material, took away the stress that students sometimes feel when attending a class like this. As a student, I could tell that Jay cared about what we learned from the material provided, to the approach he took in engaging discussion, providing opinions, and the overall class room atmosphere." - Safety Coordinator, Arizona Water Co
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